Athletic Training to Take Your Performance to the Next Level

Unleash Your Inner Athlete

What defines athleticism? What attributes do all great athletes have in common? They can powerfully and efficiently move through space. This oversimplified definition is what drives our programming and philosophies at the House of Strength. We will make you stronger, faster, more powerful, and more resilient to injury. Your agility will improve, your vertical will increase, your core will learn to stabilize, you will learn how to accelerate and produce force, and your enhanced ability to move through open space will separate you from your competition. Quite simply put- we make better athletes.

Our coaches have trained at the collegiate and professional levels, working with 1,000’s of athletes, giving them the competitive edge needed to excel on the playing field and court. We employ cutting edge training techniques, recovery modalities, and advanced program design to cater to each athlete’s individual needs. This is not a “one size fits all” training facility. We offer sports performance training typically reserved for the professional athlete, now made accessible to athletes of all levels and abilities. The House of Strength is home to the new age performance coach, ready to mentor you to new levels. How will you define your greatness?
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