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Get Ready to See Results

Are you sick of feeling injured, weak, and tired all the time? Have you lost the connection between sound human movement and overall health? Are you timid and unsure of how to start back in the gym? Well, you are not alone. These feelings become more prevalent as we age and fall farther away from optimal human movement. We are built to run, crawl, squat, lunge, hang, pull, push, and rotate. We are meant to physically communicate with the world around us, but have lost our ability to move through open space efficiently and powerfully. Our sedentary lifestyles and poor nutrition have increased our risk for metabolic disease and chronic pain. Let us help you learn how to move again with dynamic functional programming that will bring out the powerful athlete that is within all of us, no matter the age, ability level, existing chronic issues, or starting point.

Our coaches hold multiple degrees in exercise science, have a deep understanding of human biomechanics, and rely heavily on assessment tools that paint a clear picture of what we need to work on and how we can establish a path back to optimal health. At the House of Strength we believe movement is medicine, and it is this philosophy that drives our adult fitness programming. We employ cutting edge training techniques, recovery modalities, and advanced program design to cater to the individual’s needs. This is not a “one size fits all” training facility. The House of Strength is home to the new age fitness coach, ready to mentor you to new levels. How will you take back your health and fitness?
Start Moving
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